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Our Story

Since 1994, we have been testing our concept for the ultimate bead lubricant on every type of tire and rim we could lay our hands on.  Finally after years of hard work and tedious adjustments, the "ultimate" in bead lubrication with bead sealer was developed. 


Veteran tire installers from tire dealerships and shops throughout the area tested our product and provided invaluable input into the development of this final product.  It was necessary for these individuals to be part of the evaluation process since our goal was to create a lubricant for tire mounting which eliminated the need for a separate bead sealer while meeting all the other requirements the professional tire instaler wanted.  Their help has been invaluable to us in reaching our goal. 


After many years of testing and finalizing the formula, my son Cody, walked into my shop one morning as I was mounting truck tires.  Cody looked up at me and said "Dad, let me put that tire snot on there for you."  From that moment on it was called, Cody's Tire Snot. 

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